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Beretta Arx160

Beretta Arx160

The Beretta ARX160 is an Italian-made assault rifle produced by Beretta, one of the world’s oldest and most respected small arms manufacturers. Arx 160 For Sale

Introduced in 2009 as a replacement for the earlier AR70/90 series of rifles.

The ARX160 is a gas piston-operated, selective-fire rifle with many features that enhance accuracy and performance.

Adopted as the standard assault rifle for the Italian military and numerous other law enforcement and military forces worldwide.

This article will examine the design features of the Beretta ARX160 and look at how it has become a popular choice among users who require reliable performance in demanding environments.

Beretta Arx160

The Beretta Arx160 is a modular assault rifle developed by Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta.

It is chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO and 7.62×39mm calibers and can quickly switch between semi-automatic and fully automatic fire modes.

As of 2020, the Arx160 is available for sale from many retailers, with prices ranging from $1,000 to over $2,000. The weapon features an adjustable stock adjustable for the length of pull and height of the comb, a two-stage trigger mechanism, ambidextrous controls including an ambidextrous magazine release and bolt release button, an integral Picatinny rail on the receiver cover, and a removable forward grip.

Additionally, the Arx160 offers several optional accessories, such as a suppressor adaptor kit and various optics mounts. Its robust design makes it suitable for multiple uses in different settings.

 Beretta Arx 160

Notable features of the ARX 160 include:

  • Fully ambidextrous design for both suitable- and left-handed shooters
  • Short stroke piston gas operation system to reduce recoil
  • Three-position adjustable buttstock to accommodate different body types
  • Flattop receiver with integral MIL-STD 1913 rail for mounting optics and other accessories

The ARX 160 is an excellent weapon for military personnel who need a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use firearm.

Arx 160 For Sale

The Beretta Arx 160 is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured by the Italian firearms company.

The militaries of numerous countries have adopted the Arx 160, and it is available in various configurations for civilian use. Its features include a 16″ barrel, Picatinny rail system with removable side rails, adjustable stock, and folding front and rear sights.

The Arx 160 is available in multiple colors: black, olive drab green, desert tan, and flat dark earth. Additionally, many accessories, such as scopes, flashlights, laser aiming devices, and foregrips, are compatible with the rifle to give users greater control when firing from various positions.

With its wide range of features and customization options at competitive prices, the Arx 160 provides an ideal platform for those looking to purchase an assault rifle suitable for self-defense or target shooting at ranges.

Arx 160 Price

The Beretta ARX 160 is an assault rifle available for purchase in many countries. It is a popular weapon among military personnel and law enforcement officers due to its lightweight design, reliable performance, and customizable features.

The following points provide an overview of the price range of the Beretta ARX 160:

– Prices vary based on retailer and country
– Also, Prices are typically between $800 – USD 2,000
– Special deals and promotions may also be available

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Ammunition Can The Beretta Arx 160 Use?

Chambered for NATO-standard 5.56x45mm rounds and the higher-powered .223 Remington and .300 AAC Blackout cartridges.

The gun also can accept a range of other types of ammunition, including the .22 Long Rifle cartridge and 9×19mm Parabellum round.

The rifle features a rotating bolt design and adjustable gas system, allowing users to customize its performance with different types of ammunition.

Does The Beretta Arx 160 Accept Aftermarket Accessories?

It is a modular weapon system that can accept aftermarket accessories such as optics, laser designators, and stocks.

The receiver of the ARX 160 accepts NATO standard Picatinny rails for mounting scopes and other optics, allowing users to customize their rifles according to their needs.

Are There Any Alternatives To The Beretta Arx 160?

The Beretta Arx 160 is a popular assault rifle. However, there are alternatives to consider when looking for an assault rifle.

Other options include the Colt M4 Carbine, the Heckler & Koch G36, and the FN SCAR-L. Each rifle offers unique features and capabilities that may suit specific tasks and environments more than the Beretta Arx 160.

Additionally, they fit with aftermarket accessories depending on the user’s needs. Ultimately, it is essential to evaluate the most important features when selecting an assault rifle to make an informed decision based on their requirements.

How Durable Is The Beretta Arx 160?

The barrel, bolt carrier, and other components are all made from steel, making them highly resistant to wear and tear. The ARX 160 has also been tested extensively for accuracy and reliability in laboratory and field conditions.

This testing ensures it will provide a consistent performance when used in actual combat scenarios. The Beretta ARX 160 is a highly durable weapon that can withstand even the most challenging conditions.

Is It Easy To Operate The Beretta Arx 160?

The Beretta ARX 160 is a semi-automatic rifle designed for ease of use and operation. The gun is relatively lightweight at 7.3 lbs and has a simple design with an ergonomically designed pistol grip and collapsible stock.

The rifle features an ambidextrous magazine release, making it easy to operate for left- and right-handed shooters.


The Beretta ARX 160 is an effective and reliable firearm. It can accept a variety of ammunition types, making it well-suited for a variety of shooting needs.

Additionally, it accepts aftermarket accessories that customize and upgrade its performance. The ARX 160 is also highly durable, making it an ideal choice for use in harsh environments or during long-term storage.

Finally, the ARX 160 is easy to operate due to its intuitive design and ergonomic features.

Lastly, For these reasons, it is an excellent option for anyone looking for an effective and reliable firearm.

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